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Command Language for Awelon

Claw (command language for awelon) is an editable view and syntactic sugar for AO (awelon object). AO is a subset of Awelon Bytecode (ABC) that limits tokens and texts. Tokens of the form {%foo} link definitions of other words in … Continue reading

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Awelon Virtual Machine

An ‘Awelon Virtual Machine’ (AVM) is a description of an RDP-based programming environment. This description includes types, partitions, and behavior primitives. It is a complete description, repeating even the ‘standard’ primitives like first and compose. Unlike a traditional VM, an … Continue reading

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Unlimited Detail for Large Animated Worlds

A group called Euclideon from Australia has made extraordinary claims about Unlimited Detail technology – ability to achieve much more detail in a world as you zoom in or out by representing structures in terms of atoms of arbitrary precision. … Continue reading

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