Goodbye, Twitter

Goodbye, Twitter. Our brief relationship started only six months ago, with the positive response to my “life with objects” post. But, before I knew it, you were draining a considerable fraction of my precious time and energy right out of my life. I recognized this months ago, but I couldn’t let go. It is too easy to seek shallow social gratification with a clever phrase when I should instead be writing a clever line of code.

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4 Responses to Goodbye, Twitter

  1. Roly Perera says:

    That sounds like a positive step to me. I’ve been clean for a couple of months now, and happier for it. It’s easy to mistake things that are addictive for things that are good. Our reward mechanisms weren’t evolved for many of the situations they find themselves in today.

    Some people are better at being casual users (of social networks, drugs, food, TV, …) than others.

  2. fogusfogus says:

    It was a pleasure to follow your feed, but I can understand your frustration. Good luck with your clever code — I look forward to reading that too. 🙂

  3. Clever is never how I want to describe my code. At any rate I stopped blogging on tumblr, because I forgot my password.

  4. dmbarbour says:

    Thanks all. I did notice your absence, Roly, and that’s part of what had me thinking about leaving. Z-bo, I know ‘clever’ is not the best code (simpler is better). But I’d rather have code to describe as ‘clever’ than no code at all!

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